Volunteer management

Volunteer management software that keeps track of everything you need to know about your volunteers. Makes communicating with volunteers a snap!

The optional volunteer management module (available at a small additional cost) lets you get the most from your volunteers by keeping track of their preferences, skills and availability. Record who is assigned to which committee, event or activity. By monitoring, acknowledging and using each volunteer’s unique skill set, your team members will feel valued and maintain an ongoing commitment to your organization.

Volunteer profiles

  • Keep detailed volunteer profiles indicating the kinds of activities individuals want to do and the skills and qualifications they bring to the table.
  • Settings are available to show when someone is available on a regular basis (e.g. every Wednesday all day, Thursday afternoons. etc. )
  • Record when someone is NOT going to be available for a period of time – i.e. they are on vacation or ill.
  • Set up to 25 volunteer preference “flags” for each name. YOU can add to, edit and delete from the list of available volunteer preferences. Flags may represent the types of things a volunteer wants to do, a special skill, a performance rating, etc. (These flags are not the same as the communication flags you can set for everyone.)
  • Ensure essential qualifications such as a drivers license, first aid certificate, etc. are checked and, if required, that they are reviewed periodically. YOU maintain the lists of qualifications you wish to track.
  • If you require that new volunteers go through some sort of training or if you require some sort of screening such as a police check, you can record when they have started the process, and whether or not they successfully completed it.

Find volunteers based on availability and preferences

Volunteer management software

  • Search through your volunteers to see who is available for a specific date – and who is NOT available (perhaps because they are away on a trip.)
  • Create a customized list of volunteers with any combination of preference flags, qualifications, “Acceptance Status” and availability requirements. Generate letters and / or e-mails to this custom list.

Jobs, committees and events

  • Define jobs as “positions” (just one person assigned), committees (no defined dates) or activities such as events with defined dates. Specify the “Acceptance Status,” qualification(s), and dates for the job.
  • Ensure the people who are assigned to jobs meet the requirements of the job.
  • Track which volunteers have been assigned to which jobs. See whether the volunteer has accepted the assignment, whether the assignment was completed and whether or not suitable recognition has been given for their efforts.

Other features

  • Produce name badges for everyone assigned to an activity (event.)
  • Record volunteer hours by day, week or month. Hours are recorded by positions / committees or activities (events.) Produce reports showing the value of time donated by your volunteers.
  • Reports help you manage the “Acceptance” process, expiring qualifications and volunteer recognition.

Watch these videos

Part 1 shows how to set up a volunteer profile, create a custom filter for some of your volunteers and produce a mail merge for those who met your selection criteria. It’s about 11 minutes long.

Part 2 demonstrates how to create a “job”, assign a volunteer to that “job” and send a e-mail to all members of a committee or all volunteers assigned to an activity. It’s about 8 minutes long.