Let’s say that your “live” data is stored in a database file called charitymaster_be.accdb which is located in the C:\CharityMaster folder on your computer. (To see the name and location of your database file, click the Home tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen then click About.)

Make a backup copy of your database and store it in a safe place. (You can use the built in back up function to do this: Home tab → Backup back end.)

If you didn’t preserve a copy of the demo database when you started to enter live data, you will have to get one. Send us an e-mail asking for a database with only the sample data. Alternatively, download your current version of CharityMaster onto another computer and install it. The charitymaster_be.mdb file will be installed in C:\CharityMaster. Put a copy of that file onto a memory key. Uninstall CharityMaster if you wish.

On the “trainee machine,” close CharityMaster. Rename the file charitymaster_be.accdb to “YourOrganizationName_be.accdb” (Note the underscore in this name.) Copy the  file with the demo data into the C:\CharityMaster folder.

Restart CharityMaster. It will restart using the charitymaster_be.accdb file. When the trainee has finished using the demo database:

  1. Press the F12 function key.
  2. Browse to the location of “YourOrganizationName_be.accdb” and click on the “YourOrganizationName_be.accdb” and then click ‘Open.’
  3. CharityMaster will close and the next time you start CharityMaster, it will connect to “YourOrganizationName_be.accdb“.

Later you can point CharityMaster back to charitymaster_be.accdb so that the trainee can resume doing the tutorials.