These tutorials will guide you through many of the features of CharityMaster

These tutorials will help you or someone new to your organization (a “trainee”) learn how to use CharityMaster. The tutorials are designed so that the trainee can use either your “live” (real) data or the demo data that were installed when you first downloaded CharityMaster. However, you may wish to prevent the trainee from changing your live data. If you do not have a separate computer on which you can install a new download of CharityMaster, you will have to proceed as detailed HERE.

Available tutorials

  • The ‘First steps‘ tutorial covers navigation in CharityMaster and the steps required to enter and edit the people and organizations that “touch” your organization in some way. Click to display /download: First Steps tutorial
  • Donations and sponsorships: soliciting, entering a donation, scheduled donations, analysis of giving history, donor recognition and tax receipts. Click to display /download: Donations / Sponsorships tutorial
  • The ‘Event Ticket Sales‘ tutorial shows you how to set up complex events with different ticket types, solicit and record ticket sales, ensure your accounting is accurate and the generation and mailing of tax receipts. Click to display /download: Event Ticket Sales tutorial
  • Using the optional Event Management module: managing seating plans, golf / curling tournaments. Click to display /download: Event management tutorial
  • Volunteer management: creating a volunteer profile, creating jobs and committees, assigning volunteers to jobs, recording hours, searching for volunteers with specific skills and / or availability. Click to display /download: Volunteer Management tutorial
  • Membership management: setting up membership types, recording receipt of membership dues, tax receipts. Click to display / download: Membership management tutorial
  • Bulk Mailing Wizard: adding and editing Word templates, checking for invalid addresses, creating mail merges, and adding communication history. Click to display / download: Bulk Mailing Wizard tutorial
  • The ‘Application Security’ tutorial covers how to add and edit users, how to set the permissions and restrictions for user groups and how to assign users to Groups. Click to display /download: Application Security tutorial
  • The ‘Scheduled donations’ tutorial shows you how to efficiently handle donations and other payments that are paid to you semi-weekly, monthly, etc. Click to display /download: Scheduled donations tutorial.

Our tutorials are complemented by several videos on our YouTube channel.  We will be adding more videos so please subscribe to our channel to keep up to date.

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Planned tutorials

We are in the process of developing additional tutorials to help you understand CharityMaster’s many powerful features. Our planned list of tutorials includes:

  • Auctions: recording the receipt of donated items, grouping items together, producing bid sheets, creating a catalogue, recording the sale of items, tax receipts, and soliciting donations
  • Using the E-Mail Wizard

If you are interested in one of these tutorials, let us know and we will move it to the top of the list and get it to you as soon as possible.