Ottawa Community Housing Foundation

“Thrilled to be the first on the hosted version!”

CharityMaster (CM) is a key donor management tool. Having the ability to generate tax receipts, manage fundraising events, and enter/track donations all in one place is critical. Quickly targeting specific donor types and sending email blasts saves administration costs, and maximizes donations. As the leader of the implementation (on the customer side), and being the first to try the hosted version of CharityMaster to QuickBooks (QB) interface, I wasn’t sure where to set my expectations. However, working with Bill has been an absolute pleasure. Not only has he been receptive to all of our needs, but his extensive knowledge in both software’s enabled him to provide expert advice on how to strategically setup the Company files. I would rate his level of customer service nothing short of excellent. Above and beyond the built in functionality of CM, Bill has also made multiple improvements to meet our specific needs through customization. He is always willing to listen, and will try and best address the needs of his clients. Last, not having to worry about company backups, having the latest software updates installed, and having the desktop version installed locally to access the company files makes hosting both applications a no brainer! We are very pleased with the adoption of CM, integration with QB, and moving to the hosted environment and would highly recommend this solution to other charities.

Chris SprysaFinance OfficerOttawa Community Housing Foundation