‘Store’ management

The included store module records the sale of items to raise money

Manage things that your organization sells to raise money or items such as booklets, tapes, etc. which your organization gives away.


  • Set up each item including an item code, description, selling price, and whether or not the item requires that sales taxes be collected. Identify how the item is sold: individually, as a set, by dozens, etc.
  • Divide your items into categories to simplify finding them when entering a sale. Or you can search for items to add.
  • Compute one or two different sales taxes. Sales taxes are computed automatically as items are added to a sale.
  • Override the standard selling price.
  • Track the progress of a sale as you process it. Record an order as having been received, filled (shipped), received payment (or issued an invoice). You can also handle returns and adjustments of previous sales.
  • Produce packing slips, sales receipts, invoices and shipping labels – as required.
  • A full range of reports allow you to see what items are selling, and where each order stands in the process.
  • The Accounting screen will allow you to determine the total sales revenue (credits) to be posted to each general ledger account for any given time period. The system, allows you to track sales revenue by category and each category can be associated with a different general ledger account.