QuickBooks Interface module

Instantly create entries in QuickBooks as you enter transactions in CharityMaster. An essential partner for your charity accounting software.

CharityMaster offers an optional interface (available at a small additional cost) with QuickBooks Pro or Premier (version 2008 or later). The module virtually eliminates the need to input your data into two systems. It works whether your accounting data are down the hall or across the country.

The module ensures your fundraising data and your accounting records are always in sync. A major time saver!

Don’t use QuickBooks? Let us know and we may be able to build an interface with the accounting software you use.

(CharityMaster does NOT interface with QuickBooks On Line Edition.)

Dynamic data transfer

Unlike many of the big guys, our integration with QuickBooks is dynamic: i.e. entries in CharityMaster are immediately entered into QuickBooks. Most other systems require that you remember to export their data periodically and specify a date range of transactions to export. What happens if you have a couple of transactions from a previous period that were not exported? You will have to enter these in manually of course. That’s not going to happen with CharityMaster’s interface module.

When you enter a donor’s name or the receipt of money (donation, sponsorship, event ticket sale, membership dues, etc.) into CharityMaster, the name and the receipt of funds are INSTANTLY and automatically entered into your company file. Any changes to the name or address of the supporter will automatically update the QuickBooks customer record.

Accessing your accounting data file

All of your accounting data are stored in a file called the QuickBooks ‘company’ file. This file can be stored in a variety of locations:

  1.  It can be in your office on the same workstation as the QuickBooks program.
  2.  It can be in your office on a server.
  3.  It can be in your bookkeepers office.

In order for the interface to work, a connection must be established between CharityMaster, the QuickBooks program and your company data file.

If your company file is located on the same workstation as CharityMaster or somewhere on your office network, the interface is simple.

If your accounting data file is NOT anywhere in your office, it must be on a computer that is connected to the web. The QuickBooks Connector that is provided with CharityMaster must be installed on the same computer as the QuickBooks program.  CharityMaster can then connect with your data either directly over the internet or, if you are concerned about security, the connection can be made over a VPN (Virtual Private Network.)

Watch this video

This video introduces the framework of this module and then shows it in action. It’s about 11 minutes long.