Membership management

Maximize your membership / association dues revenues

The members of your Association, Charity, Not for Profit, School or Club are your most valuable assets so make them feel special by tailoring your communications to their particular interests. Our “communication / preference flags” feature helps you do just that.

If your organization is funded through both traditional fundraising and membership, you need a donor management database with a membership management software integration like CharityMaster.


Membership management software

  • Set separate fees and dues for each type of membership category (annual, family, lifetime, senior, etc.), adjust fees on-the-fly for special cases, allow members to submit additional donations with their fees, and even offer complimentary membership.
  • Choose your annual memberships expiry option:
    • All memberships expire on the same date and your membership year can be different from your fiscal year, or
    • Each membership expires one year after the date annual dues were paid or one year after the expiry of the current membership – whichever is later.
  • Mailings can be for just selected categories of membership and you can also tailor mailings to just those with specific interests.
  • Record the receipt of membership ‘dues’. Highlight special cases where the payment is less than the standard.
  • Complete accounting records ensure that you can always balance with your accounting system.
  • You have the option of issuing tax receipts for membership dues. Tax receipts will show the amount received, the value of the benefit received by the member (e.g. a magazine subscription) and the net amount of the deduction allowed.
  • Send reminders to those whose membership is about to lapse or whose membership has already lapsed
  • Classify members as ‘active’ or ‘inactive.’ (You don’t want to lose touch with former members.)
  • Track each of the names that are in a ‘family’ membership so you can list all members of the family.