Maximize your donations with effective fundraising communications

Send letters and e-mails to individuals with customized templates you frequently use.

Use built in lists or easily create custom lists.

Generate mass mailings of personalized letters. E-mail blasts using HTML templates.

Letters and e-mails to individual names

  • Create individual letters, labels and emails. Letters are based on Word templates and you can add, delete and modify templates right in CharityMaster.
  • Send emails using CharityMaster’s built-in capabilities or through Outlook, Windows Live mail, GMail, etc.

Create custom lists

Creation of custom lists (filters) is a snap:

  • Volunteers – e.g. just those who are available at certain times or just those with specific job preferences
  • Members -e.g.  just those in specific categories or those whose memberships are about to lapse
  • Use the powerful  ‘flags’ feature in conjunction with many other data elements:
    • You can create an almost unlimited number of flags that you can assign.
    • Assign up to 25 flags to each name.
    • Select all those who have a particular flag or at least one of two or three different flags

Mass mailings

  • Letters are based on Word templates and you can add, delete and modify templates right in CharityMaster.
  • Generate letters and labels for everyone on a mailing list using one of CharityMaster’s 17 predefined lists. Most of these are customizable by selecting up to three “flags” or other criteria, giving you total flexibility. You can also customize the Word templates for each type of mailing.
  • For each mailing list, print mailing labels (choose from three different sizes) and an Excel listing for your reference.
  • Save money:
    • CharityMaster will not let you produce a label or letter unless the address is complete.
    • Connect people to ‘households’ to reduce postage and paper.
    • Optionally exclude names with an email address to save money on postage or send letters to everyone.

E-mail ‘blasts’

  • Even if you use an e-mail service for your newsletters, etc. you will need CharityMaster to send mass e-mails to committee members, members whose membership is about to lapse, etc.
  • Personalize and send e-blasts in either plain text or HTML format. Add up to five attachments.
  • Mail house export

Communications history

  • Generate letters and emails knowing CharityMaster will keep an accurate record of the date and subject.
  • View your organization’s complete history of correspondence with an individual name with the click of one button