Event management

The optional Event Management module (available at a small additional cost) adds to CharityMaster’s STANDARD TICKET SALES FEATURES and helps you consider and track every detail of your event, so nothing is left to chance.

Event management can be very complex. One example is a golf tournament followed by a sit down dinner with assigned seating and a silent auction. You have to accommodate people who will play golf but not stay for dinner, people who come for dinner but not play golf, and those who attend both. How can you easily:

  • set up foursomes,
  • provide name tags,
  • produce lists so people can see the table number at which they are seated or which foursome to which they are assigned,
  • ensure event sponsors tables are properly identified, and
  • ensure everyone’s menu preferences / allergy issues are taken into account?

CharityMaster’s optional Event Management module together with our Auction module is the answer.

Seating Plansevent management software

The Seating Plan function allows you to run multiple events simultaneously, each with an associated seating plan. Use the Seating Plan function to:

  • Automatically add ‘seats’ to tables when you record the sale of individual tickets.
  • Add both the table and a standard number of seats automatically when you record the ‘sale’ of a sponsored (corporate) table.
  • Record complimentary tables or individual complimentary tickets.
  • Record seating preferences (“I want to sit with …”)
  • Record the entrée selected or special menu requests / food allergies and provide a detailed list to the people in charge of the food.
  • Automatically assign ticket numbers as ticket sales are recorded. Change or reassign numbers later.
  • Track total attendance and the number of people at each table.
  • Move people easily between tables and number / renumber tables.
  • Help position tables at the event to ensure sponsored tables and tables with VIPs are appropriately recognized.
  • Sort attendee list alphabetically so guests can find their table on arrival.
  • Produce name badges for your guests.

Golf Tournaments and Curling Bonspiels

golf-tournament-softwareYou can be running multiple events at the same time and each can have an associated tournament / bonspiel. The functionality in CharityMaster is essentially the same for both a golf tournament and a curling bonspiel. Only the labels on screens and reports change depending on the setup of the event.

You can use the tournament function to:

  • Automatically add people to foursomes / rinks when you record the sale of individual tickets.
  • Record preferences (“I want to play with …”)
  • Assign people buying individual tickets to foursomes / rinks and move them between foursomes / rinks.
  • Maintain additional information about ticket purchasers such as their position in the rink.
  • Automatically assign ticket numbers.
  • Track complimentary tickets.
  • Track total attendance and the number of people on each team / foursome.
  • Help schedule games in a bonspiel or schedule the starting order / hole for each foursome.
  • Sort attendee list so players can see which foursome they have been assigned to and what hole they are starting on.
  • Produce name badges for all players.

Watch this short video of the event management features

This 6 minute video shows how to manage a golf tournament and do a seating plan.

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