Whatever fundraising strategy or strategies you use, our donor management software has everything you need to help you reach your objectives.

Major donor / prospect management Easy and foolproof processing of all your revenues Special event ticket sales and management Membership management with all the best features Mail and e-mail solicitation, campaign management

Donor management for major gift prospects

  • Easily record everything you learn about major prospects including links to other people in your database (family, friends, relatives and employers / employees). For each name in your database, you can enter notes segregated by topic. This makes it easy find the information you need without having to wade through pages of text.
  • As you know, it’s critical that you record the outcome of every interaction you have with a major gift prospect. CharityMaster automatically keeps track of each e-mail and letter that is sent to someone. It also allows you to quickly record the particulars of a phone call, letter or e-mail that is received.
  • The comprehensive reminders feature allows you to easily assign responsibility to a member of your team for each task associated with requesting a donation, inviting your prospect to an event, etc. and ensure there is an effective follow up for each task.
  • The “links to other names” feature helps you to ensure that everyone with a potential ability to assist is kept informed.

Donor management software

Efficiently handle regular donations

Of course, once you receive a donation, it is essential that it be properly processed and that appropriate actions (thank you letter, accurate accounting and tax receipts) are taken.

  • Record the date, type, purpose, payment method and amount of each donation, ticket sale or dues payment; how you got the donation; and notes specific to that donation. If the optional QuickBooks module has been purchased, the transaction is immediately recorded in QuickBooks.
  • Setting up complex gifts like memorial donations, honoraria and matching gifts is simple.
  • Manage the creation and follow-up of scheduled (monthly, quarterly, etc.) donations. CharityMaster reminds you to process payments when they are due and creates a single annual tax receipt for each donor who is on a periodic payment plan.
  • Thank you letters or e-mails are produced with a few clicks.
  • Easily create tax receipts which are compliant with Canadian and United States tax regulations.
  • CharityMaster provides a complete accounting for all of your donations, grants, event ticket sales, membership dues, store sales, donations in kind, etc. It can even track revenues such as advertising sales. Click HERE for more information on CharityMaster’s outstanding accounting capabilities..
  • List donors who gave in a specified time frame by amount range, taking the hassle out of producing donor recognition listings.
  • Analyze the results of each fundraising campaign or donation source.

Special events

  • Solicit those who attended previous events. There is also a standard mailing list (for letters and/or e-mails) to follow-up the original mailing that automatically excludes those who have already bought tickets to the event you are managing.
  • Record ticket sales with various price levels. (You don’t actually have to issue a “ticket.”)
  • Enter the number of tickets and CharityMaster automatically computes the total amount that should be received. You can override this amount.
  • Automatically add ticket purchasers to a mailing list you specify as you record each sale. (A “prospect / communication” flag of your choice is added to each name.)
  • Set complimentary ticket policies and record the issue of complimentary tickets.
  • Set maximum attendance and control ticket sales to ensure the maximum is not exceeded.
  • The optional event management module allows you to manage golf tournaments, curling bonspiels, seating plans, and menu preferences.
  • The optional auction module records each of the items that have been donated and produces bid sheets, catalogues, winner listings and donor thank you letters and tax receipts.
  • Produce “split” tax receipts (showing the amount paid, the value of the benefit provided to the purchaser, and the net tax deduction allowed) which meet all Canadian and US tax authority requirements.
  • Complete reports to support your accounting function

Membership support

  • Track and advise members of expiring and expired memberships.
  • Ensure members receive the benefits of their membership category.
  • Up sell to a higher membership category
  • Tax receipts that reflect the amount paid and the value of the benefit received.

Direct mail and campaign management

CharityMaster’s comprehensive donor management features will maximize the effectiveness of your efforts.

  • Focus on previous donors and vary the solicitation messages and/or the amount requested depending on how much they previously donated and / or when they last gave.
  • Identify those who gave in previous years but not last year. Our LYBNTY (Last Year But Not This Year) reporting let’s you go back to previous donors and remind them of the great work being done by your organization.
  • Ensure you don’t solicit those who don’t want to be solicited.
  • Set up to 25 “flags” for each name. YOU can add, edit and delete the list of available flags. Flags may represent the types of mailing lists a person or company wants to be on, the level of a potential donation, VIP status, etc. Select up to three flags and quickly produce a targeted mailing list.
  • Powerful communications capabilities let you send individual letters and e-mails and also send personalized mailings and e-mail blasts to the prospects you have selected. For each name on the list, CharityMaster automatically records that a letter or e-mail was sent to that person. Click HERE for more information on CharityMaster’s powerful communication capabilities.
  • Assign people (we call them “phone captains”) to follow up groups of recipients. Analyze “phone captain” performance.
  • Ensure that all donations received as the result of the campaign are identified as belonging to that campaign. This will help you manage the effectiveness of your efforts and how you are doing in terms of achieving your objective.

Other features

  • Over 100 standard reports are available – many of them customizable. We also have a powerful custom report capability and most reports can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.
  • Organizations that provide services to “clients” (counselling, senior services, disability services, etc.) can use CharityMaster to support the provision of their services. “Clients” (who may also be a donor)can be separately identified.
  • Track advertisers, potential silent auction donors, and event sponsors.
  • Create multiple contacts within a company or organization.
  • Apply custom filters and sort options to facilitate review of your data.
  • Complete functionality to record donations “in kind” and issue related tax receipts.

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