Donor Management

This powerful donor management software helps you maximize donations and save you time

  • Record every aspect of each donation including all accounting details.
  • Take note of everything you might need to know about each donor.
  • Communicate effectively with targeted letters and emails.
  • Ensure your accounting for each donation is accurate and up to date.
  • CharityMaster also helps you manage your fundraising campaigns and results.

Complete donor management software system

CharityMaster is your total charity management software solution. Our powerful but affordable software allows you to maintain all kinds of information about each name in your database. In addition to your donors, you can include members, volunteers, grant providers, advertisers and prospects. This information and our extensive communication capabilities will help you to maximize your fundraising results.


Donor management software

  • Record the date, type, purpose, payment method and amount of each donation; how you got the donation; and notes specific to that donation.
  • Set up to 25 “flags” for each name. YOU can add, edit and delete the list of available flags. Flags may represent the types of mailing lists a person or company wants to be on, the level of a potential donation, VIP status, etc. Select up to three flags and quickly produce a targeted mailing list.
  • Powerful communications capabilities let you send individual letters and e-mails and also send personalized letters and e-mail blasts to the potential donors you have selected.
  • CharityMaster automatically keeps track of each e-mail and letter that is sent to someone. It also allows you to quickly record the particulars of a phone call, letter or e-mail that is received.
  • Setting up complex gifts like memorial donations, honoraria and matching gifts is simple.
  • CharityMaster provides a complete accounting for all of your donations, grants, event ticket sales, membership dues, store sales, donations in kind, etc. It can even track payments made to your organization such as advertising revenues. Click HERE for more information.
  • Create tax receipts which are compliant with Canadian and United States tax regulations.
  • Manage the creation and follow-up of scheduled (monthly, quarterly, etc.) donations. CharityMaster reminds you to process payments when they are due and issues a single annual tax receipt for each donor who is on a periodic payment plan.
  • Assign “phone captains” to be responsible for follow-ups of high potential donors. Analyze “phone captain” performance.
  • List donors by type of donation, for a given time frame and/or amount range, taking the hassle out of producing donor recognition listings.
  • Analyze results of each fundraising campaign or donation source.
  • Link contacts to their family, friends, relatives and employers / employees.
  • Apply custom filters and sort options.
  • Track multiple contacts within a company or organization

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