Full accounting functionality

The perfect complement to your accounting software. Designed with accountants in mind, CharityMaster ensures accurate and detailed recording of all your revenues.

In addition to capturing all of the critical fundraising detail about each donor, CharityMaster provides detailed tracking of every payment you receive including the general ledger account to which the amount should be credited. It also assists in the processing of credit card payments, PayPal receipts and bank deposits. Production of tax receipts is a snap!

The optional QuickBooks Interface module takes simplicity to another level and makes sure you never have to record your revenue data twice. Your accountant will love you!

We also offer hosting of both QuickBooks and CharityMaster so that you can enter data and do your accounting from anywhere using any device! See Hosting for more details.

Accounting software systems are very good at recording revenues and expenses, producing financial statements, payroll, etc. but they do not provide the functionality which is essential for maximizing donations, and managing events, volunteers and members.

Capture everything in one place

  • A “transaction type” must be specified for each amount recorded. For each “transaction type” you can specify:
    • The general ledger account to which entries are posted. (And, if you are using our QuickBooks interface module, the QuickBooks “item” and the QuickBooks “class.”)
    • Whether or not the payment is deductible by the donor or sponsor.
  • For each transaction you can specify:
    • The amount and description of any taxable “benefit” received by the donor.
    • A payment method
    • How you got the donation (e.g. Spring campaign, fundraising committee, etc.)
    • Whether the donation is in honor of or in memory of somebody
  • Easily reconcile CharityMaster entries with the entries in your accounting software. Various reports list all transaction in each General Ledger account showing date entered, payment method, the name of the person or organization making the payment, the amount and any notes specific to that entry.
  • With the optional QuickBooks interface module, the need to record transactions twice is eliminated and there will rarely be any differences between CharityMaster and QuickBooks.

Donations and sponsorships

  • Optionally categorize the “source” of each donation so that you can determine the effectiveness of each fundraising campaign or activity.
  • Easily manage and report on “in honor of” or “in memory of” donations.
  • Automatically process scheduled (e.g. monthly) donations, with a single tax receipt / statement at year-end.
  • Record and report “in-kind” donations

Event tickets

CharityMaster is an essential tool for managing funds for events. It is specially designed to record admission revenues with the following useful features:

  • Enter a transaction as an invoice for someone who has said they will be attending but hasn’t yet paid. (And no, you don’t actually have to had them the invoice.)
  • Enter the number of tickets and CharityMaster automatically computes the total amount that should be received. You can override this amount and reports are available that highlight all non-standard payments.
  • Produce “split” tax receipts meeting all Canadian and US government requirements for only part of the individual ticket price.

Other revenues


  • If you have the optional QuickBooks module, CharityMaster will automatically insert an entry (as a sales receipt or invoice) into your QuickBooks data file as soon as you have entered the transaction.
  • Credit card transactions are captured separately so that you can easily process card authorizations through your terminal or on the phone. Authorized payments are totalled by card type and date authorized to make bank reconciliation easier.
  • Track direct debits (also called pre-authorized payments) that are automatically deposited to your account by your bank. This helps you to ensure that everything is entered into CharityMaster before you start your bank reconciliation.
  • Payments identified as PayPal transactions are also captured separately so that you can produce reports to facilitate bank reconciliations.
  • CharityMaster will even produce bank deposit slips.

Tax receipts

  • Benefits provided to donors can be input to properly show the net amount that can be deducted.
  • Produce tax receipts quickly and easily.
  • Easily verify that receipts were issued for every donation.

CharityMaster is the perfect complement to your accounting software.