Auction management

Affordable auction management software fully integrated with event and donor management functions. Especially designed for smaller organizations.

Complex auctions are suddenly simple using CharityMaster’s optional Auction Management module (available at a small additional cost). Record every detail of your live and silent auctions. Produce bid sheets and catalogs, tax receipts, thank you letters and a complete record of all of your sales. Nothing will get missed along the way.

Auction management features

Auction management software

  • Record complete information on each item donated.
  • Help in the solicitation of donations with mailings that target past donors and potential new ones.
  • Assist the auction committee by:
    • tracking who is responsible for soliciting each donor;
    • flagging which donations have actually been received;
    • recording ideas and materials which are available to help with the setup of the auction on the day of, and
    • assigning items to display categories to help those attending find the items they want.
  • Combine items into ‘groups’ to reduce the number of items.
  • Calculate opening bid and minimum bid increments automatically.
  • Produce catalogue booklets of live and silent auction items.
  • Easily manage consigned items.
  • Produce bid sheets with just a few clicks.
  • Produce donor thank-you letters and tax receipts.
  • Record sale proceeds or other disposition of each item to assist you in obtaining payment of sold items and reconciling the auction proceeds with your accounting software

Watch the auction module in action