CharityMaster™: Affordable Charity Management Software

Our affordable fundraising software is designed to help you maximize your revenues. Not only will it help you to reduce the hard work of donor management, it will also assist you and your team manage events, silent auctions, memberships, and volunteers. It’s especially good at minimizing accounting aggravations. Our solution has features you might expect from other fundraising software costing much, much more. Your organization will enjoy a huge range of features – all for as little as $200! 

Powerful donor management features

 This easy-to-use donor management software takes care of every aspect of your development needs. It helps you maximize donations while maintaining effective contact with donors and minimizing fundraising costs and administration time. CharityMaster is an essential software tool for any non-profit organization looking to simplify donor management as well as volunteer, member and event management.

Cost-effectively track all the data involved in complex fundraising endeavors. Create and edit your own templates for solicitation letters and emails asking for donations, selling tickets or thanking donors. Produce letters and “thank you” notes with a few clicks. Quickly generate tax receipts for financial donations, auction item donations, or even just part of event ticket purchases. Mass mailings and e-mail blasts are a easy to do. Do it all quickly and easily with this simple but full-featured fundraising and donor management software!

Cheaper than web based solutions!

Buying a permanent CharityMaster license means you only pay once. If you are a very small organization or just getting started we offer a LITE version that has all of the features of the full version except it is limited to 500 names. We also offer an annual subscription that allows you to conserve precious resources. Click HERE for details.

Although CharityMaster is a desktop application, you can also select our application hosting  solution OR we can help you set up your organization to use Microsoft’s FREE Remote Desktop service – even if your organization doesn’t have a server! You can also store your data on a server and have all your users access the server over the internet using VPN.

For more information on how you can access your data from anywhere, click HERE.

Pay only for what you need

CharityMaster comes with many standard features and four optional modules which can be purchased at a small additional cost. The optional modules are:

It’s SO easy to use

Most users are able to exploit all of the features in a few hours. On screen prompts and an extensive help system ensure that you are off and running quickly. Our growing library of donor management software tutorials and videos will help you get the most out of your investment.

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Our customers rave about CharityMaster and our fabulous support

Unbelievable value!

  • Affordable

    Full-featured fundraising software designed for smaller not-for-profits

    • Every essential feature and more.
    • Standard version has no limit on the number of names in your database
    • Up to 5 concurrent users
    • It’s so easy to use, you won’t be forced to pay for training
    • Free support and upgrades for a year and only $100 per year thereafter
  • Full featured

    • Everything you need to manage:
    • Custom filters allow you to scroll through just those records you want to see and produce reports, mass mailings and e-mail blasts based on the same filter.
    • Our structured notes system allows you to record everything for each name
    • Set up to 25 “flags” for each name. Flags may represent the types of mailing lists a person or organization wants to be on, the level of a potential donation, VIP status, etc. Select up to three flags and quickly produce a targeted mailing list.
    • Easily produce letters and e-mails to individual names
    • Create personalized letters (with customizable Word templates)
    • E-mail wizard allows you to send messages to a custom list and avoid the costs of web based e-mail services.
    • Quickly send a text (SMS) message!
    • Export most reports to Excel
    • Quickly find names in your database by inputting the first few letters of their first or last name, the company or organization name, a phone number or an email address.
    • Set up one-time or periodic reminders with CharityMaster’s robust reminder system.
    • Link contacts to their family, friends, relatives and employers / employees.
    • Add contacts to Outlook with a click of your mouse.
    • Track multiple contacts within a company or organization.
    • Manage data quality with reports designed to find incomplete addresses, duplicates, inactive names, etc.
    • Role based security restricts access to data and system functions
    • CharityMaster accounts for all of your revenues and produces detailed accounting reports that mirror your general ledger revenue accounts.
    • The optional QuickBooks interface module will immediately input every transaction into QuickBooks – virtually eliminating errors!
  • Flexible

    Need more out of CharityMaster? Ask us and we may customize this great donor management software system for free!